More than a Farm

By Chris Harms

In case you haven’t noticed by now, Harms Farms is more than just a farm.

While yes, while we are “an area of land used for growing crops,” we grow so much more than just produce.

We are a place of healthy food, strong bodies, and intelligent, creative minds.

Although still in our infancy, the purpose of this blog, our YouTube videos (such as Movement Demos and Farming with Neil) and any tweets, posts or stories we put out, is all food for thought. 

In an ultimate attempt at making the world a better place, we are passionate about being positive members of society. Sadly, people who create positivity and good are all too rare these days, but hopefully we can help fill that void and provide some solace for you. We strive to be a place for you to turn in an effort to become a better person.

Be it nutritious organic fruits and veggies sprouting up in the garden, bulging biceps and big squats in the garage, or an inquisitive curiosity on the web, the one common denominator here on the Farm is growth. Because at the end of the day, no matter what you are going through, the sun will always rise. You can only move forward. Strive to be better tomorrow.

Growing up in a family of teachers, I was very fortunate to be surrounded by such a nurturing and loving environment that supported learning and growth. I always assumed I would become a teacher one day myself, since that’s really the only career path I knew (my mom, dad, stepmom, aunts, an uncle, grandfather and grandmother were all teachers). And really, despite my occupation of “strength and conditioning coach,” I consider myself a teacher first and foremost.

And hopefully, if you have ever been trained by me, whether as a former student, athlete or client, you have learned that the weight room is so much more than just lifting weights and exercising. It is about life and making the most of it. 

This Farm is very much the same.


  • Joey Massari


  • Mitchell

    Now you’re talking! The world needs Harms and Harms Farms! Keep growing your online presence and keep pushing all of us to think and act with purpose. You mention those bulging biceps… so I think it’s time you slap up an Arms by Harms workout for old time’s sake! Appreciate the Food for Thought- I’m ready to grow.

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