Thank You

By Chris Harms

We have much to be thankful for.

Not sure it is possible to express the amount of appreciation I have over a Blog post, but just know, if you have ever supported us in any way, be it by purchasing a pound of persimmons, sending me a picture of you wearing the shirt, coming to the Farm for a workout, even just liking an Instagram post, it means the world to me. Without your support, none of this would have ever happened. This Blog wouldn’t exist. No online Farmers Market. No Muscle Farm. No bad jokes. No outlet for me to share my passions during such a difficult time. And most importantly, you have made me so grateful for what I have. Seemingly having lived most of my life taking for granted how awesome my dad's little plot of land in the middle of Citrus Heights really is. There are few places like it, and having grown up there, maybe I was unable to see from any other point of view. How convenient and sweet it is to have a gym in your own garage. Space to move around, no lines at the squat rack and you can really do whatever you want. And in the times of Covid, cleanliness is up to you.. Thank you for giving me this gift of gratitude. There is nothing more I could have ever asked for.

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