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Farm Full of B.S.

One of the many vegetables grown on Harms Farms fertile soil is Brussels sprouts. I call them ā€œlittle cabbages.ā€ Like most produce, Brussels sprouts taste much better fresh, right out of the garden. Refrigerated Brussels sprouts should stay good for a few weeks, though the flavor becomes stronger and less tasty with age. They stay fresher and longer if kept on the stockĀ ...

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Return to the Farm

It had been nearly 20 years since I had last visited, yet I felt so at home. The revival of this brand has drawn me so close to the original Harms Farms that I felt a sort of magnetic pull to go back and visit the place where it all began. Similar toĀ the inception ofĀ Harms Farms 2.0, what basically started out as an idea turned into a reality. A spontaneous road trip to visit my longtime friend, Guysen, in Eugene, Oregon, brought me within striking distance of the farm, which was a mere three-hour drive away. The day before my planned departure back homeĀ ...

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