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Farm Full of B.S.

One of the many vegetables grown on Harms Farms fertile soil is Brussels sprouts. I call them โ€œlittle cabbages.โ€ Like most produce, Brussels sprouts taste much better fresh, right out of the garden. Refrigerated Brussels sprouts should stay good for a few weeks, though the flavor becomes stronger and less tasty with age. They stay fresher and longer if kept on the stockย ...

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Always Fightin' Mother Nature

Persimmon season is pretty much over, and it went quite well at the Farm. We dried around 150 pounds of persimmons between October and November. They are delicious and have a lengthy shelf life, and we sell them plain or dipped in chocolate by the pound. Fortunately, persimmons are pretty low maintenance. They only require sunlight, water, and fertilizer, andย donโ€™t have problems with insects or disease. Most of the other food-producing plants, though, are not as lucky...

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