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My First Job In Life

My first job in life was holding the cow’s tail while my mother sat on a wooden box and milked the cow. There was whole line-up of cows stanchioned in the barn waiting to be milked by my mom and dad. My dad had rigged up a wire stretched from one end of the barn to the other with little wire twists behind each cow for hanging up their tails, but I was still ordered to hold the tail ...

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Farm Strong: A Day in the Life

While we try to take advantage of the land as much as we can, not all our workouts take place outdoors. Blending the heavy barbell foundational movements with more “farm functional” ones (farmer walks, sled pushes and pulls, yoke carries, sandbags, and more) is one of the most potent ways of getting #farmstrong. Here’s a little taste of a Muscle Farm training session ...

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